• Alex Leigh, Ph.D., 2022

Hardware Implementation of Spiking Neurons with Reduced Complexity

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A Negative Voltage Reference for SRAM Units’ Applications

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A New Capacitance to Digital Conversion Technique for CMOS Biosensors

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Hardware Trojan Detection Using Machine Learning

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Design of a Real-Time Method for Detection and Estimation of Corrosion in Vehicles

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A Novel Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) Featuring 0.113 Fj/B for IoT Devices

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Hardware Implementation of Public Unclonable Functions

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Efficient Bit-parallel Multiplication with Sub-quadratic Space Complexity in Binary Extension Field

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Temperature Compensated Relaxation Oscillator for SoC Implementations

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Scratch detection on the Surface of Polished Automotive Parts

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Hardware Implementation of Public Unclonable Functions

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Mixed-Signal Neural Network Implementation with Programmable Neuron for Improved Generalization

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Private and Public-Key Side-Channel Threats Against Hardware Accelerated Cryptosystems

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Efficient Scalar Multiplication Against Side Channel Attacks Using New Number Representation

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An Efficient FPGA Implementation of Optical Character Recognition System for License Plate Recognition

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Scheduling for Flexible Manufacturing using Knowledge-Based Intelligent Systems

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Mixed-Signal VLSI Implementation of CVNS Artificial Neural Networks

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Mixed-Signal Feed-Forward Neural Network Architecture using High-Resolution Multiplying D/A Converter

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Mixed-Signal Carry Look-Ahead Adder with Constant Power for Cryptographic Application

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Investigation of an On-Line Inspection System for Airbag Quality Control

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A Prototype CVNS Distributed Neural Network