High Radix and Efficient Hardware Implementation of Modular Integer Multiplication for IoT Cryptosystems 

Hardware Implementation of Spiking Neurons with Reduced Complexity

A Negative Voltage Reference for SRAM Units’ Applications

A New Capacitance to Digital Conversion Technique for CMOS Biosensors

Hardware Trojan Detection Using Machine Learning

Design of a Real-Time Method for Detection and Estimation of Corrosion in Vehicles

A Novel Physical Unclonable Function (PUF) Featuring 0.113 Fj/B for IoT Devices 

Hardware Implementation of Public Unclonable Functions

Efficient Bit-parallel Multiplication with Sub-quadratic Space Complexity in Binary Extension Field

Temperature Compensated Relaxation Oscillator for SoC Implementations 

Scratch detection on the Surface of Polished Automotive Parts

 Hardware Implementation of Public Unclonable Functions

Mixed-Signal Neural Network Implementation with Programmable Neuron for Improved Generalization

Private and Public-Key Side-Channel Threats Against Hardware Accelerated Cryptosystems

Efficient Scalar Multiplication Against Side Channel Attacks Using New Number Representation

An Efficient FPGA Implementation of Optical Character Recognition System for License Plate Recognition

Scheduling for Flexible Manufacturing using Knowledge-Based Intelligent Systems

Mixed-Signal VLSI Implementation of CVNS Artificial Neural Networks

Mixed-Signal Feed-Forward Neural Network Architecture using High-Resolution Multiplying D/A Converter

Mixed-Signal Carry Look-Ahead Adder with Constant Power for Cryptographic Application

Investigation of an On-Line Inspection System for Airbag Quality Control

A Prototype CVNS Distributed Neural Network